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Turkey is preferred by millions of tourists every year with welcoming, warm, quality services and world class facilities. With its domestic and international investments in terms of hospitality and health, it is a new favorite of health tourism. Diversification and spreading the tourism sector over 12 months is a necessity in countries like Turkey. Tourism is a very important service sector in terms of spreading to 12 months and creating employment.


The health tourism services in Turkey is controlled by the Ministry of Health through a centralized state system. We have 48 JCI accredited healthcare institutions in our country serving international standards. Several studies started to strengthen the medical tourism infrastructure in private hospitals as well as universities and public hospitals in Turkey. The City Hospitals has also started to be included in this framework.


Turkey, being on the merging point of European and Asian continents and increasing the proportion of the budget allocated to health services with the government decision in 2003, is on crossroads position in terms of air and land transportation. Along with the importance given to health, approximately 500,000 foreign patients come to Turkey every year. As a result of studies conducted together with health centers and medical tourism agencies, the number of patients coming to Turkey for treatment is increasing each day.


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You can choose your destination for your treatment, anywhere you want in Turkey and we can arrange the hospital,hotel and your flight tickets!.

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