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Tailor Made Medical Package Agreements

Although we offer health checks on an individual basis,  you may find our packages better value for money. There are a range of packages you can choose from, depeneding on your wants and needs.   Bored and  confused by existing health packages? Create, Customize and Book Your Own Tests! If you are Planning a health test, and  you are worried about how & where to do it? Leave everything to us. We bring all the custom-made health test package according to your need at the best possible prices and get the report with in 24 hours from the top experts.


Medlife Assistance allows you to tailor your very own health screening program with the assistance of our medical team.


We strongly believe in the personalisation of medicine and healthcare. While most health screening packages available in the market are set packages, Medlife assistance allows you to tailor your very own health screening program based on your current health concerns.


Therefore, whether you have an area of concern about your health, a past history of medical conditions that require further investigation, or even if you are simply unsure about what kind of health screening package you require, Medlife assistance will suit your every need.


Our medical team will conduct and in-depth interview with as well as take a detailed medical history to find out what areas of concern you may have about your health. They will then work together with our doctors to select various testing items based on your requirements and craft a package that is perfectly suited for you and your health needs.


If you would like to customize your own Medlife assistance custom made health plan, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.




  • Individuals who wish to have a customised health screening program created to suit their needs and price range.
  • Individuals who require a customised program that general health screening programs do not provide.
  • Individuals who require a more specialised screening program.
  • Individuals who have a past history of medical conditions.
  • Individuals who have certain areas of concern they wish to have investigated but are uncertain as to which specialist to see.
  • Individuals who are unsure of which screening package or investigations are suitable for them.


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