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Special Reduced Minimum Prices For Ship and Company Employees With Highest Quality Medical Service

It is a known fact that, medical facilities in the larger ports and in seafarers’ home countries normally have a different, very expensive price list for the seafarers and shipping companies.


Medlife Assistance has been servicing major cruise lines, professional maritime insurers, P&I clubs and ship owners for more than 10 years. During this time, we have effectively saved up to 45% of medical expenses on evacuation and repatriations, medical cases in ports of call and treatment in home countries. Medlife assistance has realized that such a high percentage of savings through active case management, automated cost containment tools, price and discounts negotiations, selection of relevant medical facilities and recommendations of relevant ports and countries for treatment.


These tools are essential in guaranteeing the crew member receives high quality, cost effective treatment while ensuring appropriateness of care and compliance with international medical standards.


Active case management:


Medlife assistances’ medical team consists of doctors, medical translators and nurses tasked with reviewing all medical reports,, to ensure the treatment offered to the crew member is justified, coincides with CPT4 and ICD10 agreed procedures, and pricing for all services is “reasonable and customary”.


Through meticulous case review, we protect the ship-owners from overpayment for medical treatment and make certain the crew member receives only the highest-quality, most appropriate treatment.


The reporting is very transparent: the ship owner receives the original bill from the medical facility accompanied by the translation of the medical report (if the language of the report is not English) and a separate cover document from Medlife assistance.


Wide network of more than 500 hospitals and medical facilites around the Turkey.


Medlife assistance has an extensive network of international medical, which allows to accumulate buying power and volumes, giving us an opportunity to negotiate discounts and special package prices in a large range of medical facilities around the Turkey.

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