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Single-Incision Laparoscopic Surgery

The Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery in Turkey

Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery is a new surgical method that offers advantages over conventional laparoscopy or keyhole surgery. It reduces postoperative pain and enables scar-free surgery. Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery, which is also used for sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass, achieves better cosmetic results and reduces post-operative stress on patients.

In the past, stomach surgery often required large incisions to achieve a reduction of the stomach and a permanent weight loss through operations. In recent years, however, minimally invasive techniques have enabled surgeons to significantly improve cosmetic results by eliminating long incisions during surgery. In this article, we show how advances in minimally invasive surgery allow our patients to benefit from shorter recovery times, less discomfort and scar-free bodies after gastric surgery. Today, Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery replaces the need for open surgery in many procedures.

Minimally invasive surgery for the benefit of the patient

Minimally invasive surgery essentially consists of several small incisions. Instead of a large opening that can traumatize the skin and muscles of the patient, minimally invasive surgery uses several small incisions to perform operations inside the body. Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS) goes one step further: Instead of several small incisions in the area of the stomach, this new procedure requires only a single incision. This offers patients a number of additional advantages.

This new form of surgery, also known as Single Port Surgery, Single Port Laparoscopy (SPL), Single Port Access Surgery (SAP) or One Port Umbilical Surgery (OPUS), has been made possible by advances in the production of surgical instruments. The small tools can be optimally adapted to the internal structures of the body. These improvements allow surgeons to insert the instruments into the body through a single small incision of 10-15 mm in length using the SILS procedure.

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