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Predefined Medical Operations Prices For Whole Turkey

There are 4 main health care institutions as state, university, foundations and private sector institutions in Turkey. If we consider them generally;


State Organizations; these are divided as hospitals, family practice center, community health centers and private branch centers (such as diabetes, heart, tuberculosis, public heath). The prices applied in these institutions are determined by Ministry of Health and has different pricing table as social security system, private patients and foreign patients according to the their countries. The common characteristics of these hospitals; they cannot be done Medlife Assistance, always cannot be provided regular information flow and cannot be served excluding their own procedures.Foundation Hospitals; Independent from states and private sector, these hospitals are institution serving charitable by some great companies or families or communities. The pricing of these services here is made by Turkish Medical Association, State or their own internal dynamics and are not subjected to the certain pricing policy. Medlife Assistance studies can be done according to the location of these institutions.


University Hospitals; These institutions in Turkey have completely autonomous structure. They are included any pricing system. They are determined their own price exactly. They are included in 2 categories as state and private university hospitals. The state hospitals are shown parallelism with ordinary state hospitals, however they are not similar. The private universities also are determined their own prices exactly and they are not responsible to be included to the any pricing system. They can only act according to certain trends.

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