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Pre - Employment Medical Test & Reports (Free Transportation)

A pre-employment medical exam is part of the employment screening process for some companies. The purpose of the medical is to make sure the employee’s health. It is compliant with any job-related requirements for the position they are applying for.


The pre-employment medical examination can be very simple and quick, or complex and long. But it depends on the requirements of the job.


And many companies that require some physical or medical clearances for their employees generally require a pre-employment screening physical for all new hires. And this might required by (DOH) regulation or (OSHA) requirements. The pre-employment physical exam is very similar to an annual physical. So the employer and employee can track changes in the improvement or worsening of the worker’s health.


So even if not required by regulation, offering employees a no-cost health check physical. And it is a way to ensure workplace safety and wellness. So employee health physicals help employees be aware of their health, and take proactive steps to improve their well-being.

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