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Gastric Sleeve

Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery

Many people suffer from their heavy body weight. Often physical complaints get in and even the health suffers extremely from the much too high weight. Starting with cardiovascular diseases, knee, hip and back problems, diabetes (diabetes), nocturnal breathing stops (apneas) or severe snoring. If this limit is already exceeded, i.e. that the body is so enormously affected, experts also speak of obesity. This corresponds to a body mass index (BMI) of 40 and more (40 kg/m2). But not only that such obesity is reflected in physical health, the psyche often suffers as well. Many no longer dare to take part in “normal everyday life”, and even the seating options on public transport are limited. In addition, one is excluded by society, which leads to problems in the workplace. All of this represents a recurring spiral for the affected person which causes you to fall back into old patterns, even if you have already focused on a change in diet and lifestyle. We at Aesthetic Travel are happy that you have decided to change something in your life! We are glad to offer you various treatment methods in the form of stomach surgery, so that you can gradually reduce your weight in parallel to a broad therapy program. Interested? – Let our team advise you comprehensively!


Your Sleeve Gastrectomy in Turkey

A sleeve gastrectomy operation (sleeve resection or sleeve operation) is a restrictive stomach operation in which a part of the organ is completely removed. This means that the specialist surgeon reduces the stomach by about 80-90%, leaving a tube-shaped stomach with a capacity of about 2-3 cm. This corresponds to a new stomach volume of 85-150 ml. In comparison, a naturally unchanged stomach usually holds 2-3 litres.

How is the sleeve gastrectomy surgery performed?

Sleeve gastrectomy surgery is a minimally invasive gastric surgery technique performed laparoscopically – i.e. using the keyhole method – under general anesthesia by your specialist surgeon. The duration of the hospital stay in Turkey is about 5-7 days.

How can a sleeve gastrectomy contribute to weight reduction?

Sleeve gastrectomy surgery is one of the so-called “metabolic surgerys” in Turkey. This is especially due to the fact that the surgeon removes the large gastric engraving in which the gastrointestinal hormones, such as the hunger hormone ghrelin, are formed during the actual reduction of the stomach. This means that the appetite is also curbed in parallel to the reduction of the stomach volume. Another advantage of the sleeve gastrectomy is that neither a foreign body (such as a gastric band) nor a change in the gastric inlet or gastric outlet must take place. Thus, the natural function of the stomach remains available which allows the patient to consume all foods without restrictions after only a few weeks after the surgical procedure. Furthermore, studies show that the sleeve gastrectomy as a restrictive gastric surgery as such can lead to significant improvements in metabolic diseases such as diabetes.

How is gastrointestinal surgery related to other obesity therapies?

The sleeve gastrectomy is often only one component of obesity therapy. This is due in particular to the fact that the sleeve gastrectomy is very efficient, especially in severely overweight patients, but is usually classified as inadequate when eating habits remain poor. The main drawbacks are foods with a high sugar content and beverages! If this is the case in a patient, a so-called gastric bypass (maloperative procedures) is often considered in a further step.

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