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Cruise - Cargo Ships Medical Service

Medical assistance is our core business, for over 20 years, we have been meeting and exceeding the needs of our international partners with our  local know-how and expertise in Turkey.


As Medlife Assistance we aim to share our experiences of health & medical assistance for Cruises through our offices in İstanbul, İzmir & Kusadası



What makes us better?


24/7 Alarm Center

Our state-of-the-art alarm center is staffed with a highly-experienced team which monitors the treatment process and helps with the hospitalization processes


Medical Provider Network

Our network comprising of private and state hospitals, clinics, medical suppliers for any patient requires is provided in the fastest and highest-quality


In-House Medical Team

With our medical team the only on board medical services provided for cruises in the region – we are able to efficiently refer your patients to the most suitable medical facility, manage your cases, monitor the entire hospitalization cycle of your patients and handle any other medical need that emerges throughout this process


Organizational Services

We support our medical assistance solutions with a set of comprehensive organizational services. These services include ground / air ambulance transfers, taxi transfers, medical escort arrangements and etc.


Patient Safety

Aims to provide a patient centered health care service.  Thus, patient safety is of outmost importance. A patient safety committee (Medical Manager and Corporate Agreement Specialist) follows up on malpractice cases, surveys medical complications and aims to prevent recurrences, trains staff to identify solutions.


Dealing with Patient Complaints

Each patient complaint is dealt with according to procedures.  Every complaint regarding a medical matter is investigated and discussed by the Agents and Medical Doctors.  The complaints are also used to define and take action on areas which need improvements.



Our Solutions


Case Management

Every case in Medlife Assistance handles followed-up and managed separately. We're taking the utmost care of each case and leave no room for errors. The medical conditions of clients are monitored until the day of discharge from the medical facility and all this information is relayed to the requesting parties.


Second Opinion

Medlife provides second opinions in cases where a diagnosis is questioned or suspected as being incorrect. We have a widespread network of doctors and facilities from which we may seek second opinions.


Medical Evacuation & Repatriation

Evacuation and repatriation services include patient transfer and cover all the necessary medical and non-medical procedures. Hospitals in remote areas, rural areas and small cities are often in no position to handle serious medical problems. Hospitals in major cities (Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir) provide the highest quality of medical services. For this reason patients with large medical problems are being transferred to the hospitals in the major cities by Medlife Assistance.


On-site Physicals

Medlife Assistance provides on-site medical examinations for employees of major companies operating in Turkey. In addition we provide medical examinations of patients in hotels or at the comfort of their own homes.


Medical Equipment

Medlife has a wide range of emergency medical equipment that can be supplied to requesting parties.



Medlife Assistance provides according to the medical needs the in-hospital treatment for the patients all over the Turkey in our contracted Hospitals with highest quality service and wide range of Specialized Departments to offer the best treatment for each case individual, moreover we care for all needs of hospitalized patients, such as: confidence, communication in their own language, information, education, self-care, and support


Medical Escort Services

The medical escort service provides medical escorts from Medlife staff. This includes the management of all regular and unexpected medical and logistic assistance until the final destination is reached. All medical information, both written and oral, is given to the counterparts.


Medical Counseling

Medical counseling acquires the medical information from hospitals and/or doctors and relates this information into the Medlife medical report. This report is designed according to the requirements of the partners' doctors. Customized medical reports enable us to provide the necessary information to the requesting party and for the cruise in house doctors(i.e. assistance or insurance companies).


Air & Ground Ambulance

Medlife is able to organize air ambulance services, both from Turkey and the neighboring countries promptly. The road ambulance service is generally used for short distance transport. Due to the poor quality of Turkish roads, especially in smaller towns, road ambulance providers have to install specific medical equipment, itemized and defined by the Turkish Ministry of Health.


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